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For the amazing and gorgeous jack-daniels-doll ♡♡♡

ohhhh my god so perfect ;___;<33thank you, love <3
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I will probs end up deleting this but i’ve been trying for ages to get up the balls to post a picture of my new nipple piercings.
I made an attempt so here’s one lol
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booty and cute skirt 
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Melissa Suicide.
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I just reached 5k followers (thank you!!), so I decided to do a big promo!
What am I going to do?:
Promo’s in lists of ten
Faves will be bolded
All time favourites will get a screenshot
Lists and screenshots will be posted when this post reaches 50+ notes
How to enter:
Reblog this post
Do not delete this text
Likes don’t count
Must be following me
Good luck!!


perks of dating me: u will be the hot one

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